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  • Member: SunMoonAndSpoon
  • Title: Which Describes How You're Feeling All The Time
  • Premiered: 2006-08-29
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    • They Might be Giants Which Describes How You're Feeling
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  • Comments: Hi guys. This is my first try at an AMV, and while I know its irritating when someone asks for mercy because of that, I'm asking. Because I'm still very much new to this. Anyways, here's Fruits Basket meets a song by They Might Be Giants that isn't Particle Man! The song is 'Which Describes How You're Feeling All The Time.' It's only one minute long, since I didn't want my first project to be massive. Also Windows Media Maker has a tendancy to crash if I leave it on too long.

    The video features Akito, Yuki, Tohru, and Hatori. Oh and Shigure shows up for like, one second, in a frame with Hatori. I feel like the song applies to them best...I feel like Tohru and Akito are hiding emotions that contradict the rigid personalities they exhibit. And Hatori and Yuki make themselves bland to hide themselves. They all need somebody to describe them, and they describe each other. Heh.

    So yes, I hope you enjoy! I screwed up a little in the middle...I was trying to make water color looked SO much more awesome while I was editing, but the final version came out wonky. Overall I'm very proud of it though!

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