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  • Member: aprileagle
  • Title: Ghostriders in the Sky
  • Premiered: 2004-09-11
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    • Blues Brothers 2000 Soundtrack Ghostriders in the Sky
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  • Comments: This AMV took part at the Connichi AMV Contest 2004.

    --- Best AMV in the Category Anime ---
    --- 2nd best AMV in total ---

    The best category to describe this AMV would be Western, but this category doesn't exist on As it is an hommage to Johnny Cash (may he sing on with the angels).

    The anime "Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs" is a classical Science Fiction anime from the year 1984 and it is my most favourite anime, ever. One of the main characters ia a cowboy and when I heard this version of the old cowboy song I knew that I had to make an AMV with this anime.

    It took me 4 years to realise this project and then again me over 6 weeks in 2004 to look through 52 episodes to find all the Western scenes in there and to leave out all the science fiction scenes.

    I wanted this AMV to look the way it does. I didn't want to use digital effects, because it should also be a hommage to the old Western movies. There aren't any digital effects in there, only cowboys and the wide open country and lots of horses. That's what this AMV features ^-^.

    Furthermore, I only wanted the beginning to be lip synch, because the rest is told by the singer. The Star Sheriffs are the Ghostriders and Colt (the cowboy) is the cowboy who's first afraid of them and in the end rides with them.

    A lot of people didn't understand why I scored so high with this AMV (because it has no digital effects) and some didn't like it. However, for me it's the best AMV I ever made and probably will ever do. It fits to my most favourite anime and in my opinion it's simply perfect this way.

    Even today with the equipment and the style and the programmes I have used with Hellsing's "Jesus He Knows Me" and Chrno Crusade's "Gates of Dawn" I would still cut this AMV exactly the way I did in 2004.

    Oh... and thanks for the guys who hummed "Yippieh-ei-ay, Yippieh-ei-oh" in the beginning at the Connichi Contest 2006 right behind me in the great hall. You really made my day ^-^.

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