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  • Members: VegettoEX, MeriC
  • Title: Succession
  • Premiered: 2006-09-22
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    • The Get Up Kids Holy Roman
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  • Comments: * NOMINATED: Best Sentimental (AWA 2006 Pro)
    * NOMINATED: Best Character Profile (AWA 2006 Pro)

    The basic premise for the video is pretty simple in that Gohan takes on his proper role as the successor to the title of Earth's protector. Originally, there was going to be a lot more of the "relaxing days" material in the first half of the video, but it simply couldn't build itself up to the necessary climax without introducing the full-on Cell Game right in the first verse. Thankfully, showcasing things from the past via the instrumental choruses worked out well, and allowed us to show a wide variety of times and locations in Gohan's past. Since the video was very specific to a point in Gohan's life, though, we chose not to incorporate things like the Vegeta or Freeza fights.

    All in all, it's a Gohan character profile video with a very melodic and dark song that still manages to keep a powerful, upbeat, and optimistic tone to it.

    This video, similar to our video My Fist Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon from earlier in the year, was another example of our going with a slightly less literal story, and focusing more on the mood of the song.

    The story of the video is very similar to the story of the series, with a few adjustments to make the climax of the video as powerful as it needed to be. Gohan's life has led him up to this point where it is his turn to take over his father's role. Goku cannot win against their opponent (Cell), so Gohan steps up to the plate. He is at first apprehensive about going through with this, and it takes several unfortunate sequences of events for him to snap. In the series, Gohan is already SSJ2 by the time Goku dies, but we have rearranged the story a bit to make this the main cause of this major transformation (both in appearance and attitude). In addition to this, #16 is nowhere to be seen, and the Cell Juniors' attacks on the Z-Senshi is placed as a larger cause of Gohan's transformation.

    In the end, just as in the series, Gohan does indeed step up to the plate and claim his position, defeating the enemy in the process.

    We like to have very strong openings to videos, and this was no different. As noted earlier, the instrumental choruses were the places for us to give a little exposition and lead-up for the story. The second segment is more of Gohan's direct lead-up to the Cell Game (already the same age), whereas the first one takes place with Gohan as an infant, in an attempt to show such a huge contrast to his present form.

    Up until the climax of the video (with Gohan transformation), effects are at a minimum. Attention is paid to the music more in the area of dissolves and action timings, rather than extended visual enhancements as seen later. In the "Will you save us...?" chant, there are three layers: (a) the Gohan cutouts, (b) slowed-down visuals of his friends being beaten to a pulp, and (c) a layer of smoke blended in to the previous layer to create more of a "dream-like" quality to it (emphasizing the confusion in Gohan's mind at the moment). The end of the video, where Gohan fights with Cell, is primarily enhanced according to the musical cues via blurs and lighting. There are also plenty of artificial zooms and pans to keep the flowy motion of the video.

    Lip-flap coverings were a huge part of the video, since the slower-paced mood would be extremely interrupted by characters flapping on and on. Contrastly, the few instances of lip-synch were also painstaking, especially the last of Goku's "The world's not gonna end..." since the sparkles do not fly past his face in the original footage while his mouth is open; this was edited together as such to be that much more powerful for the moment. It wasn't until well after the video was done that we realized how similar Goku's comments and mood are (due to the footage used, mainly) to DannyPoo's My Resolution from 2001. The main difference here is that we are not interrupting the song by taking dialogue from the show, but rather going with dialogue within the song, itself. The similarity, while not intentional or perceived at the time, is acknowledged.

    The death of the Cell Juniors is indeed a nod to and directly stolen from our collaborative Cell Game track in the Doomrider project.

    The video was constructed with Adobe Premiere 6.5, Adobe After Effects 6.5, and Adobe Photoshop 7.0.

    Not much else to say about the video! It's a character profile, but more moody for DBZ than we are used to. Please enjoy.

    Road map is a bitter pill.
    Scene stinks of a double deal.
    A good front like the devil will.
    Your eyes on the prize.
    Come clean like you said you would.
    Make peace like i know you could.
    Heroes don't do any good,
    with tears in their eyes.

    Fight the good fight.
    Maintain the trend.
    Just look me in the eyes and say,
    the world's not gonna end.

    Get stuck in your master plan.
    Place bets on an empty hand.
    Empire has a leg to stand,
    holy roman style.
    A poison from a holy grail.
    Blind faith doesn't make a sale.
    Land mind on a righteous trail.
    March rank and file.

    friend stabbing friend.
    You'll look me in the eyes and say,
    the world's not gonna end.
    Just look me in the eyes and say,
    the world's not gonna end.

    Will you save us?
    Will you save us?
    Will you save us?
    Will you save us?

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