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  • Member: omegaevolution
  • Studio: SpekHead Studios
  • Title: Karma of the Heart
  • Premiered: 2006-09-29
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  • Song:
    • Bump of Chicken Karma
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  • Comments: *Update 24/6/07 (day/month/year :P)
    I reuploaded a version of the AMV in the local with lower filesize and better quality, same editing as the old one lol, so scratch the part of "strange .divx codec" in the description lol, you can view it without a problem in WMP or any player if you have the proper codecs for .avi files :)

    My 9th AMV, this time I fell right into the KHs traps XD, yeah I had to make one with this game after I played it, I tried to make it simple and clean ;), but with some personal touches from myself, well I had to record all the scenes and videos, since there arenīt good quality vids on Internet, so I recorded them ^^, well all the encoding and editing was good until it came to the 93%, there it told me an error, and then I re-edit the AMV and guess what, the error in the same place, I tried all the compression that the guides of the org says but the only thing I get was the Xvid vid, but it wonīt play in any player, just in the DivX Player and nothing more, I tried more time to fix the problem, but nothing worked right T.T, so its a .divx vid, so the only way you will play it is in the DivX player, I could have uploaded the vid in .wmv but I know that those vids are like demon codecs, no one wants them here T.T, anyway hope this wouldnīt be a problem. Give ops to tell me what you think of it, hope you enjoy it ^^

    *some people has told me that VLC player should works fine too, so try it if you have one ;)
    *You can DOWNLOAD the DivX player and codec here (if you donīt have them already lol): DivX Codec/Player

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