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  • Member: Bauzi
  • Studio: [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios
  • Title: [:Un/real]
  • Premiered: 2006-09-30
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    • Nine Inch Nails Wish
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  • Comments: # 2006-11-26 07:53:46damn..I fucking hate mp4 >.< for a reason i dont know most dont play on my computer

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    -Or install CCCP (this is a codec pack)

    From Bauzi:
    First of all Mac distances himself from this video, because he hates Neon Genesis Evangelion and now me for being responsible for this AMV :P

    OK yeah I am a bit impressed of myself because, there where years I didnīt finished one single good amv in one year and now things go better and better. Strange... personal things donīt really run good for my, but I am a greater editor I ever was before. 2006 I really hate you...

    After finishing the works for the Connichi AMV Contest 2006 I wanted to watch NGE. I never watched it before and I was very interessted in it. However... I had the time and the money for the 2 DVDs "Death and Rebirth" and "End of Evangelion". After watching it I had to say: Wow! The next thing I thought was: "Time to start the next amv and surley I know the anime for it..."
    Next step... the music! I didnīt want to do next Marilyn Manson AMV. Time for something different. After searching on the net for Linkin Park rarities, I found a song called "Wish". It was a cover version of an older "Nine Inch Nails" song. I really loved this song after I heard it for the first time. So... I was searching for the original version of the song and get it...

    Uhm... this is the second time working with DVD source on Premiere... So there is a final version in 704x528 in h.264 and I really have to thank JCD and the other guys of for helping me with .h264!!! Worked fine...

    What I think about this amv:
    It is a more simple amv after "Type of Negative"with less effects and less blurs ( ^^' ) and with more fast hardcuts. I am pleased with the final vid. That wasnīt the whole time! There were a few moments I wanted to quite the thing, because there was no atmosphere and feeling behing it. Thank god that it was finaly getting a good amv I like ^^
    I think the amv is getting better with every second. That is my point of few, maybe you like all off it or whatever... It came out a tribute to NGE, that fits to the music and rocks too...

    Why is it called [:Un/real] :
    I was on a point of my life, I was wondering if really everything is real and so on... Why I thought this why I wonīt tell you here. Sry...
    I call and write the amv this way, because I just think it looks better... and also because it is a little wordgame. It means "unreal" and "real" in the same way and that is in a thight relationship to NGE when you listen to the song and the lyrics... you will finally understand.

    What is the song about:
    The song is about losing reality and life, because of one single person. So it is fits well with NGE...
    Here are the lyrics for you:

    .:Nine Inch Nails - Wish Lyrics:.

    this is the first day of my last days

    i built it up now i take it apart climbed up real high now fall down real far

    no need for me to stay the last thing left i just threw it away

    i put my faith in god and my trust in you

    now there's nothing more fucked up i could do

    wish there was something real wish there was something true

    wish there was something real in this world full of you

    i'm the one without a soul i'm the one with this big fucking hole

    no new tale to tell twenty-six years on my way to hell

    gotta listen to your big time hard line bad luck fist fuck

    don't think you're having all the fun

    you know me i hate everyone

    wish there was something real wish there was something true

    wish there was something real in this world full of you

    i want to but i can't turn back

    but i want to

    Ok folks that is all from my side... So I hope you have a good time again with my amv and for all the NIN fans out there, who know the song: Please donīt hate me because I had edited and cutted the song ^^' Hope the new amvs from me donīt take again years...

    User comments:
    "I mostly watch vids for the story, so action vids, even with cool editing, don't get watched that often. Still love the song. Nice choice! It matches this footage really well. "

    "Some parts anyway should have deserved more work, and I didn't like really the end, that is been like the "easy exit", but it's not a big problem.
    You have put effort in this video and this is what counts. "
    - Michele (Michele Poggi)

    "This one left a good impression on me, and I think I'm going to be downloading some of your other videos to see what else you have out there. Good work! "
    - CrackTheSky (Ben Sobotka)

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