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  • Member: Chiikaboom
  • Studio: .:Reversed Studios:.
  • Title: Revolution
  • Premiered: 2006-09-28
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    • Kotoko Suppuration -core-
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    Holy crapcakes I havent made a video in over a year!

    -cough- sorry.

    Annnywho, this video is probably the one i've placed the most effort on. There are lots of effects in this video, but they were used in moderation. And the fact there is a lot of effects in there, is basically because this is a DANCE video. No storyline, no drama, no angst, etc, just dance, therefore if you don't like dance videos, you'd probably be better off not downloading this one.

    So you're probably looking at the anime choice and the song choice. Kaleidostar and a Japanese song. Oh SO original. Actually, I was planning to do a KS dance video for the longest time. I had over 200 clips sitting on my harddrive, eating up a lot of space. I spent more time picking a song then working on the video. Seriously. I've been planning this video for over a year, but when i finally settled on a song it took about a month to finish it ~_~ the hitmix has been taking up a lot of my time.

    Originally i was trying to find a japanese song in which i could lyric synch the kaleidostar footage to. There were plenty, but then my sister introduced me to Kotoko (check out her Resublimit vid dangit its fricken awesome) and I listened to this song. Well, obviously i fell in love with it and finally made a decision to use this song for my Kaleidostar video. There was just one problem. Lyric-synching D: If you see the english translation below.. erm, the song doesn't make any sense. But because i really wanted to use this song, I just went ahead with it. Screw lyric-synching.

    Technicality-wise, this video was compressed in xvid, therefore you will need the xvid codec or handy-dandy VLC player in order to play it. Big thanks to my sister, *inverse*, for spending a lot of time trying to compress my video :D cause Chii cant do anything herself don'cha know D: The quality of the video, in my opinion, looks great. Every scene from the first season was ripped from DVDs naturally, however, all the scenes from the second season (and the ova) are FANSUBS! Don't hit me D: As usual, video explosion deluxe 1.5 was used to make this video, and photoshop was used for the credits (just cause my photoshop skillz r teh pwnsum)

    Also, a little reminder, this video is a DANCE video, hence the reason the only category checked is DANCE. If you dont like DANCE videos, then dont watch this one D: Cause dance videos are just fricken fun to edit XP oooo.. pretty scenes

    Anyways, in conclusion... is Suppuration a real word? o_o

    Lyrics (English Translation)
    Your words, the end of the white darkness
    Your eyes have finally seen the boundary of grief
    Breaking softly in my chest
    Memories entwine among the Milky Way
    Those uncountable spheres of lapis are bystanders who can't wish for anything
    Quiet and sorrowful, they watched over

    Just now, grasp subversively faint pieces of light with your hand
    Join it with mine though it would rush the pain through it
    Such an unstoppable inundation, the dripping pus of emotion
    Until the real dawn comes its better to cry

    My words blurred out visions
    My eyes have finally seen the empty mediocrity
    Softly copied in your heart
    The touch causes my heart to be engulfed by bad things
    No matter how I was unable to, just discard the sketches away
    The screams were always echoing

    Just now my hand glows oozy with red tears
    Both of us continued to hide the afterimage of sadness
    So beautifully, so transiently, the shattered darkness
    At the place where the real dawn comes, I see a star

    Flow out oozy suppuration...
    I can't get out inundation...

    Just now the heart was joined by a strong, fleeting light
    Uncountable thoughts go flying away
    So beautiful, queer tenderly, the engraved wound
    Ill start searching for you even if we'll only meet somewhere 1000 years later

    Just now, grasp subversively faint pieces of light with your hand
    Join it with mine though it would rush the pain through it
    Such an unstoppable inundation, the dripping pus of emotion
    Because the real dawn will start to illuminate us

    Flow out oozy suppuration...
    I can't get out inundation...

    ... told you the translation doesnt make sense D:

    Quick Comments
    - absolutely gorgeous!
    - very interesting, love the music
    - best kaleidostar out there
    - omg AMZAZING!
    - Sorta confusing, but awesome!
    - Absolutely Incredible!
    - awesome stuff. Albeit a bit on the unoriginal side of things, but the editing makes up for it. I think you've gotten me into kotoko now ;p 5 stars. -baka
    - I'll revolution YOU
    - Need... more... like this - JCD
    - awesomeness! -jade_eyed_angel
    - Awesome video and good use of effects ^_^!
    - It reminded me alittle too much of JCD's KaleidoStar video, but I still enjoyed this one. ;) -Sierra Lorna
    - set to one of my favorite anime
    - You should recompress it so it's better quality. It's a beautiful video otherwise :) - Moon
    - FREAKEN GREAT! worth the year lol - Caryn18
    - very nice, but not something to watch late when ur eyes r tried LOL 5
    - Not the right song for this show, but interesting editing.
    - The effects were awesome.. and the combination and synch of footage and music also!! One of the best ive seen!!
    - nice use of what i think is the diffuse glow effect. very pretty and well-matched to the sounds. anything less would seem inappropriate to the sound. sparkly. *.* 5 stars.
    - F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - i dled only for kotoko
    - That was great! I like effectsy Kaleido Star videos like this. Nicely done. -SenshiMamoru

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