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  • Member: Pwolf
  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: This Time
  • Premiered: 2006-09-27
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    • evans blue Cold
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  • Comments: After seeing TSR i really wanted to make an FMP video. Didn't really have a whole lot of ideas so i just kept that in the back of my mind. After hearing the song on the radio a few times i had thought about doing a video to it but didn't really have any concept or anything. I finally decided that i would try a new technique/effect and would use FMP for it. So i started editing.

    After editing for the better part of a weekend, i had a beta with the effect i wanted to use and it turned out pretty good. After sending it to a few people i decided to finish it. At this point i still didn't really have a clear concept. I wanted to focus on the two character's relationship but had no way of tieing the effect i used into the concept. I had the idea to use the TV as soon as i had the first beta, but i wasn't sure how that would turn out until i was practucaly done with the video.

    Ok, so whats going on in the video? Well, the use of the whole TV thing was my idea of showing that Kaname (the chick) is lonely and thinking of Sousuke (the dewd) but is using the TV as an outlet to "view" her memories. It starts out where she is just watching "home movies" which later on turn into memories of their past and present. Her way of coping with her loneliness is to view these memories but she sorta dwels on them, as you can see. The chorus is where Sousuke's character takes charge. He's the other side of the relationship here and is thinking of Kaname as well. His situation here is to do his best to stay alive and return to Kaname.

    What i really liked about the song is the first line of the chorus:
    "but i'm still here"
    I wanted to show this pain and torment of Kaname being lost and alone without Sousuke. Almost like she'll never see him again. There is the uneasiness about wiether or not they have feelings for eachother. But then the chorus comes "But i'm still here" and even though Kaname is feeling alone Sousuke is thinking of her. throughout the whole video i have this transitioning between the two but Kaname's character never really has any closure and just gets worse and worse. By this time, Kaname is pretty much breaking down and the song takes this turn into a new direction. instead of just speculation about their feelings it moves into this "this is what i'm feeling and thinking." Right after this part is a line i also really liked and what actually made me want to make the video in the first place:
    "Am i ever on your mind?"
    I was like "wow" when i heard that and thought of FMP. This is the point where Kaname finally breaks. and after that final chorus it goes into this montage of memories. And it finally ends where it started, Kaname is on the couch, alone. Does Sousuke ever come back to her? well, thats up to the viewer.

    Technical stuff:

    I edited the video using Adobe Premiere 6.5 and After Effects 6.5 How did i do the TV effect? Its called a TV and a DV camera. I basically rendered out the scenes i wanted and output them to my TV. I then recorded the playback with my DV camera and a steady hand. Imported the dv sources and overlayed those onto my timeline. and wabam, there we go :P I used after effects to do the TV masking and other various things.

    Overall i'm very pleased with the outcome and i hope others like it as well.

    If you are having problems playing the video, download VLC :P

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