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  • Member: Brad
  • Title: Good Enough
  • Premiered: 2006-09-23
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    • José González Heartbeats
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  • Comments: This video is a perfect example of an idea starting off with the song, which personally I think is the best way to approach an AMV. I find that having a song and then finding an anime to fit is a much more fruitful method than having an anime and finding a song to fit. In this case, I had been listening to the Veneer album by José González, and thusly fell in love with the song Heartbeats. It was not long after that I began seeing this video playing out in my head. I had actually originally wanted to a kind of serene/sentimental/drama'y Azumanga Daioh video, but that was before I really began paying attention the lyrics and thusly there's no way it would've worked.

    REC is a relatively new show that really hasn't received too much attention. It's a wonderfully sweet and short show (10 half-length episodes. It can easily be watched in under 2 hours. So if this video makes you want to the show, I am glad. It's such a wonderful show. The characters are very likable and you begin to sympathize with them right off the bat.

    Programs Used: Adobe Premiere 6.5, Adobe Photoshop 8.0, Adobe After Effects 6.5 Pro
    Sources: REC Region 2 DVD's & retail CD of 'Veneer' by José González
    Time Spent: Around 16-17 hours

    End Credits Song: Jóhann Jóhannsson - Saumavel

    Anime Weekend Atlanta 2006 - Pro Contest - Best Romance
    Manifest 2006 - Best Drama/Romance


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