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  • Member: Laughing_Man
  • Title: Magicians vs. Vampires SHITESHOWDOWN!!
  • Premiered: 2002-12-08
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  • Songs:
    • Ozzy Osbourne Mr. Crowley
    • Soil Halo
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  • Comments: Basically I am a slightly practiced unproductive and impatient AMV creator, and these are some of the fruits of my labor. Two short videos packaged toegether decently and ready for everyones mass consumption, which you are all encouraged to REALLY tear into, cause theirs a lot of flaws, but I think the general idea wasn't half bad. Anyway, this is like my 1st thing to shy away from exremely piss poor unedited long scenes w/ no beat changes and complete and udder shittiness w/ HORRIBLE footage and cliche themes and the kind of thing thats like shit in the ear and piss in the eyes. Disgustsing they were. At the end of my video you'll understand the incoherence of this video profile with my cool studio idea name thingy that i've got like 8 of cause i'm lame. As for the videos, this is how they go: 2 seperate videos that have nothing to do with them other than Tenacious D and how cool that is. In order.

    Anime: Bastard
    Song: Mr. Crowley by Ozzy
    This video is kindofa character profile parody of Dark Schneider and his 80's ass!

    Anime: Hellsing
    Song: Halo by Soil
    Pure action coupled w/ everything I've learned thus far and then me overdoing the action at the end, so I quit cause I hate doing this after a little while.

    There ya go, have a good time!

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