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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: GAS
  • Title: Haruhi
  • Premiered: 2006-09-17
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    • Sum 41 Fat Lip
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  • Comments: Haruhi is so much fun, as was editing this video with her :p

    This was basicly a spur of the moment video. I was originally editing a Haibane Renmei drama video which I could send in to Connichi and AWA Pro. I didn't quite get along with it well and was absolutely not motivated to edit on it. Even after long breaks I couldn't pull myself together for some statisfying editing, so I considered an option: Canceling that video and making this one. I tried to begin editing with it and that was so much fun already so it was decided for me that I'll stick for Haruhi :p

    So what makes me edit with such an overused song from an often critisized (as some of you might say bad) band? I dunno really. It was just that I still like this song somehow and it has some wonderfully fitting parts for Haruhis character. It was also a good oppurtunity to use the beautiful footage of the series (which I recommend watching to everyone). Oh boy did I have fun editing this, in fact, I never had so much fun editing since a few years.

    As the deadlines were pretty close already when I started (2 weeks) it was also a bit of a rushing job. The whole video is pure fun, no storyline or meaning intended, just fun watching this awesome girl doing crazy stuff. I cutted it pretty tight overall, so the average scene is very short like in most of my other videos. It might be a bit rushed for the first time watching, but trust me that way you enjoy it more and more everytime you watch it :D There are few to no effects, I didn't feel there was a need for any, the footage itself looked beautiful enough.

    So beautiful that I didn't quite notice these 1280x720 raws I was editing with were upscales from 720x480. I only noticed it through a thread in General Video, and by that time the video was already finished. It looked still alot better than the fansubs and was compareable to the DVDs when the remants from upscaling have been filtered away, so it didn't matter much in the end. I resized it down to 768x432 for the distro since it actually gained little to nothing in the HD resolution. The Xvid version is again lower resolution & quality. See my other videos for h264 playback help.

    Keep in mind that there is no lipsynch intended in the whole video. Haruhi just talks in basicly EVERY scene lol.
    Have fun!

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