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  • Member: Kisanzi
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Bladebeat Graffiti
  • Premiered: 2006-09-23
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Styles of Beyond Subculture (Upbeats Remix)
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
  • Comments: -Winner: Best Action & Timing at Anime Weekend Atlanta (Pro Contest)-
    -Winner: Best Action at Nan Desu Kan 2006-
    -Winner: Best Action & Special Effects at Archon 30-

    After all the delays and contest judging I finally get to release my next action vid. This video is the longest I have taken on "editing" the cuts and footage rather than spending all my time on the effects. Even though I use some custom effects, my main focus of this project was pure action sync. I wanted to make a video that matched up with a high paced song and have the fight scenes and movements capture every beat and lyric. It turned out to be a very hard venture because I had to scrub the footage so many times to find the scenes to fit with every part. Originally this idea had absolutely no effects in mind at all, but after getting about 40 seconds of just pure footage on the timeline I decided that certain segments of the song needed that extra nudge, so I compromised and made some custom drawn, paint-style masking effects. After going back and forth and encountering a lot of trouble finding the right footage for spots of the song I finally finished this vid with just enough time to send it to the AWA Pro AMV contest. And because of the judging style of that contest, this video wasn't released over a month ago when I actually finished it. My apologies for the delay but I think it's definitely worth the wait.

    I chose to use Samurai Champloo because after I finished it I thought about how much I loved the fight scenes. Then a couple weeks after finishing the show I picked up the new Dieselboy album and immediately the idea just clicked. This was a more spontaneous idea and that was probably the main reason I had so many hangup moments when making this video. But regardless it ended up coming out as a good justification to the anime and song.

    I chose the song because like I said, it immediately clicked in my head. But beyond that I haven't really seen any full length drum & bass videos. There are some great drum & bass MEP segments but never a full length vid. On top of that, as it's probably obvious, I'm a huge fan of electronic music. So when the idea came it combined with my passion for the music and carried me into creating the AMV. But don't get the idea that this made it easier to edit to, because it didn't. The song is has a complex and quick pace and trying to capture that and sync to the sounds and lyrics pushed my patience a lot of the time. But in the end I know it was all worth it.

    So to wrap things up, this was a 50/50 fun-to-aggravation AMV to make. The footage scrubbing seemed endless and combined with the designing the effects, it ended up taking a lot longer than I had expected. But after all the editing was done I was very happy with the result. I accomplished my goal of making a raw, high-impact action vid and that's the payoff. So I hope everyone enjoys it!

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