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  • Member: EvilTom
  • Studio: Otaku G Studios
  • Title: The End of AMVelion
  • Premiered: 2006-09-24
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  • Songs:
    • Eric Clapton Classical Gas
    • Loituma Leva's Polka
    • Power Rangers Go Go Power Rangers
    • Ramstein Feuer Frei
    • Richard Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra
    • shannon noll Working Class Man
    • Simple Plan Untitled
    • Steely Dan Stuck in the Middle With you
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  • Comments: Well, I made this video specifically for the Manifest 2006 AMV Iron Chef competition.

    Contestants were given some footage from School Rumble season 2, Muteki Kanban no Musume, Innocent Venus and Black Lagoon. Any of that footage from the first episode or 3 of those could be used to make the AMV, and any music could be used.
    However, at least 5 seconds from the first episode of Ouran High School Host Club had to be used.

    The footage was handed out at ~12.30pm on the Saturday of Manifest 23rd September, and everyone had to get theirs in by around 2-4pm the next day.

    As I was heavily involved in everything (cosplay, video game tournaments, trivia night) I didn't even get home till after 10pm. It wasn't till around 11pm till I got started. I experienced extreme technical difficulties in the form of aspect ratios and Adobe Premiere crashing. But I got through in the end..

    So I started at 11pm, and ended up finishing at 6am. I did it sequentially, and one can probably notice the 'degradation' of.... perhaps sanity, as the AMV wears on. The beginning started quite well constructed because I was still awake, but as the night (well, morning) wears on towards 6am, things go awry. Anyway, I could have done a lot better with it, but the massive time constraint made things very interesting. The time limit was especially constraining on me, since I was involved in the Manifest activities. Whilst I only spent 7 hours on the AMV (pulling an all-nighter), some of the others of the 5 (or was it 6?) entrants went straight home on the Saturday. The winner probably did I speculate, as he said he spent 12 hours on editing alone.

    Anyway, it was an interesting experience, and I was intensly tired today (the Sunday of the convention) running on 2 hours sleep. Everyone seemed to really love my AMV which made me happy; in fact lots of people came up to me right after it ended telling me so. In fact, trying to leave the venue people (and small groups too) would come up to me to give compliments and state I should have won XD Even one guy from across the busy Grattan St yelled out to me that he loved it. So yeah, considering how little time I was able to spend getting it done, and how random is is due to doing it at 6am, it was fun and I'm proud of the little thing. Yay!

    I hope you enjoy it ^_^

    Ps. I really enjoyed Manifest 2006!
    PPs. If I met you on the day, add me to your (whatever) online and send me a message and say hi ^^

    Edit 23/4/07: Ok it has come to my attention that it was Stealers Wheel not Steely Dan who wrote "Stuck in the middle with you"; I blame mislabeling and of course lack of sleep.

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