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  • Member: Phenix3
  • Title: Sailor Moulin Rouge
  • Premiered: 2006-09-23
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    • Moulin Rouge Soundtrack Hindi Sad Diamonds
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  • Comments: I'd been listening to the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack allot lately, and the next to last song really hooked me. After a while I started seeing Sailor Moon as I listened to it and couldn't help but wonder what kind of an AMV it would make? So, I started planning the characters in it, and then one day I just started putting the video together. At first I just kept Putting Seiya down as saying the "I only speak the truth" line, then as I started finishing I realized that the story of Moulin Rouge could mirror Sailor Moon in a way, at least the Stars season could. I wondered, what if Usagi really was in love with Seiya and the only reason she stayed with Mamoru was because he'd make her a queen and have a little princess? Anyway, I think for my second AMV it turned out well, and being that i prety much finished it within a couple of days I'm pretty proud of it. There's some lip-syncing in the begining, but the rest i used meaningful clips. Sorry for putting som transformation clips into it, but at least it's not overkill right? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this new AMV, and if you will, leave some comments if you want so that I could improve on my skills.

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