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  • Member: Fyndra
  • Title: End Of The Legend
  • Premiered: 2006-07-07
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    • Rurouni Kenshin Soundtrack Kimi wa Dare wo Mamotte Iru (Who Are You Protecting) Strings Version
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  • Comments: My tribute-amv to the whole Kenshin-saga... The very end of it, from the director's cut version.
    I wanted to make an amv which shows the true ending of the Kenshin-story -and for a long time I thought it'd be impossible, cause it's hard to make an amv from a manga ^^' But then on forums they told me, there's this director's cut version, an 8-minute material, which is very-very-very close to the manga...
    Watched it, and made this amv...
    My heart eased. So there's more in Reflections ova, than Kenshin's sad end. There's this line. The only acceptable ending for a Kenshin-fan.
    Took me a lot of hours to get the video material compatible with my good-old moviemaker :D
    I'm awfully sorry for the quality, and for the speeded-up scenes, WMM doesn't really support dvd-things...

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