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  • Member: Yusf
  • Title: Heart's Cry
  • Premiered: 2006-08-19
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  • Song:
    • Daiki Kasho Regret
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  • Comments:
    "Heart's Cry" is my first AMV, made using the anime "King Of Fighters: Another Day" images and its official ending theme "Regret" performed by Daiki Kasho.
    The theme or story of this AMV?
    I don't know... maybe it's only love... love for fights!
    This music video could be an introduction to an imaginary (until today) "King Of Fighters" long anime series... (there are only four 6min episodes in KOF: Another Day).
    Even though it's full of action and fighting scenes, I tried to introduce a sentimental serious side to this AMV, something that may stand or seem to be a reason for fighting.
    In the KOF world, in this AMV, tears are hidden, deeply hidden into the hearts of fighters, and brutally released through vital fights, as a way of expression, as a need, as a cure, as a way or reason of existing, the reason of existing, or simply as the heart's cry!

    The real challenge in "Heart's Cry" creation was to make a 3min (minimum) video out of 25min (maximum) of anime footage.
    My lack of experience and high number of techniqual problems encountered before, while and after editing made me lose time in "trivial" things...
    But today the video is here, and I'm satisfied, the result is enough good I think, especially for a first anime music video.


    -Jury Special Award "L'AMV de baston n'est pas mort" awarded by WilloW:--) at GAME Contest. (2006)
    -Fan Favorite at Animystic online AMV Contest. (2006)
    -Second Place Award at Anime Spectacle. (2007)
    -Second Place Award at Animaritime. (2007)
    -Best Action Award at Condor XIV. (2007)
    -Second Place Award in Action category at Fanime. (2007)
    -Best Action at Connecticon. (2007)
    -Judge Award "Otaku Award" at Anime Banzai. (2007)


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