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  • Member: Wyverex
  • Studio: Cassandra Complex
  • Title: Désillusions
  • Premiered: 2002-12-06
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  • Song:
    • Oomph! Dopamin
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  • Comments: This is a remastered version of my "Disillusions" AMV. I made it since I was quite ashamed of some points in the first issue, mainly the crappy video quality.

    This new version is now called "Désillusions" (same word, in french. Pronounce it [dezil(l)yzjő], good luck).
    Believe it or not but I was inspired by Hex' "Pax Deorum" AMV. My first idea was to make a vid using the same anime (Petshop of Horrors) on Dead Can Dance - "Echolalia". It turned out Memories - DCD - "Echolalia" thanks to Kevin's "Phantom of the Opera", then Memories - Oomph! - "Serotonin" or "Dopamin" when I first heard Oomph! and finally Memories - Oomph! - "Dopamin" (Serotonin had a sad sound that wouldn't fit the AMV I was planning to do).

    Apart from the better bitrate, here's a list of changes :
    o my handwriting in the beginning;
    o white flashes aren't just white frames anymore;
    o eye position at 1:53 corrected;
    o clouds in the "dream sequence" are moving;
    plus some minor corrections everywhere.

    Also, I tried to follow a certain storyline making this AMV. It goes like this :
    o spaceship floats peacefully;
    o they get a SOS alert;
    o they go into the other, huge spaceship;
    o they discover it;
    o they explore it:
    o they go too far, illusions come;
    o illusions become more and more dangerous;
    o one guy gets mad and the other dies in outter space (that's where the idea of the title came from).
    According to a lot of people it's not very obvious... I think it is for those who saw Memories but maybe those who didn't find it quite confusing.

    By the way the anime I used isn't really "Memories". I's actually called "Magnetic Rose" and is a short 45min movie. Memories is the title of a DVD containing three absolutely non-related movies, including Magnetic Rose. The two others are "Stink Bomb", which you can see in Kwasek's "Just" AMV, and "Cannon Fodder".

    Enjoy the show ^_^.

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