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  • Member: Andika
  • Title: Kimi ni Negai wo
  • Premiered: 2006-09-19
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    • Lost Prophets Wake Up (Make A Move)
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  • Comments: La-Li-ho ^.^

    Yepp, this is a non-yaoi amv, what a surprise XDDD
    But... but... accidentally there are a little, very little DouWata ^^"" ehm... DouWata... like friends of course, what else? o.O;; * blushing *

    Story-line: hmmm... Tsubasa-Holic crossover ^^ The main character is Yuuko-sama. She is the narrator.

    This amv don't really has spoilers, but if you don't know what is xxxHolic about or don't know who is Yuuko-san, you will not really understand what's happening here ^^""

    About the title: yeah, it's because Miyavi's Kimi ni Negai wo song :3

    Hope you will enjoy this amv ^^

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