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  • Member: [Mike of the Desert]
  • Studio: TwinLight Studios
  • Title: KÚlossal: REBIRTH
  • Premiered: 2006-09-18
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  • Song:
    • SR-71 Goodbye
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  • Comments: Important:
    This video is probably one of the most importants I ever made, surely is one of the biggest projects I ever took part in, even if the video can seems simpler than the others. I say this because "KÚlossal", the original video, is extremely important to me, so I was afraid and excited at the same time while working on this "Rebirth". I had multiple objectives, and so they were to quit every single defect from the first one and enhance the good points.. For this purpose I used every single opinion I received, to keep the good tips in my mind during the editing. So.. Little by little this video saw the light.

    Who didn't see KÚlossal before will not have any problem seeing this one, this is not a sequel, this is just a huge Remake, but even more, like I said it's a "Rebirth", I tried to create a "new" video while making a remake of the original one. It's really complicated to explain, in the end this is a Remake of "KÚlossal", one of the most important videos I ever made and one of my most loved ones.

    Always for who didn't saw the original one, this is a huge action video, without a story itself if not a complicated/strong synch with the lyrics of the music that create a story itself for every phrase of the song. So in other words, this is an Pure Action video that is based on
    Lyrical Synch.

    This is the first Remake (and probably the last) I made, but this video was something I wanted to do for a lifetime, since I made the original one I dreamed this day.
    And now is at hand..

    For who saw the first one, believe me if I say that if you loved or hated it you should download this one. As I said in the first lines my objective was to reach Perfection but Beware!! I'm not talking about the Perfection itself, but about the Original Idea I had for the video, what I dreamed to do in the beginning with the first one, so the "Perfection" of my original Idea, that could of course be an horrible video in the end, this is what I wanted to say.. And I'm proud to say that I reached my objective, this is the final form of KÚlossal, if you liked the first one you'll just see it Enhanced, with of course some little/big differences especially in effects (more clean) and clips. Same goes for who hated it, that will (I hope) see completely deleted the defects he founds at first.

    Technical Comments:

    I used After Effects 6.5 for the Editing of this video, (and it is been, of course, created from nothing) and all DVD footage, both original and Renewall, so for the first time I can say I reached the best quality I ever saw in ANY of my videos, don't be afraid of the file size, it's worth it, at least I can say this for the quality. ;) (Though I still envy my RAW file)
    In the original KÚlossal I remember that I used to edit about 1600 Frames with photoshop, in this case, I can say I reached my actual record of 1000+ layers in AE. ;P

    For the rest, is all up to you, I like it and I'm proud of it just because it is "My baby", the remake of the first truly "heart-breaking effort" video I made. So I love it for this, though I'm not saying it's a great video, this is all up to you, so I'd love to hear
    any type of comments, from cheers to insults.
    Thanks for the attention and Enjoy!

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