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  • Member: Bauzi
  • Studio: [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios
  • Title: Type of Negative
  • Premiered: 2006-09-16
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    • Marilyn Manson The Beautiful People
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  • Comments: Uhm... Yeah seams to be time again to wright this whole thing for another AMV we hosted on Well then... we should bring it on:

    History of the AMV:
    This AMV was started in the end of May 2006 and was made for the Connichi 2006 convention in germany. It is our first video (thx to god for our new PC systems) in high quality. This means, that the vid has a resolution of 640x480.

    Comment by Bauzi:
    Yeah... this whole project is mine. That means, that Mac is not in the credits this time (@Mac:"Tschuldigung du Blindfisch! ;)" ). Ok he helped me with giving critics. This is also the first project in Adobe Premiere Pro. I didnīt thought, that this worked so good. It was not a really big chance from Magix to Abobe for me. Iīm happy with the project. Iīve used clips in Lagarith-codec for the work. Well I donīt do this again. I use now Avi-synth scripts for the whole work. I think the avs-methode is the best for making an AMV.
    Iīve bought Marilyn Mansonīs record "Antichrist Superstar" and I didnīt knew the whole song before. After I heard it,... I just had to make this AMV with Hellsing.
    Songs I also used are for the Intro: "Personal Jesus" and "Hate athem" (your are very good if you hear the second one out!) and for the Credits: "Redeemer". Everything preformed by Marilyn Manson.
    I think, this is really the best AMV Iīve ever made and I love it... I had a good, but also hard time with this AMV. The lip sync is really not my best work, but at the end I ran out of energy and had some personal problems. I think, that the effects Iīve used make the little mistakes in the lip synch less tragic. Iīve used a lot of blur effects, the film damage filter (optional plug in for Premiere) and some other things, but the majority are kind of blur fillters. I think it looks good!
    But well... enjoy it and make your own opinion of the vid! I Hope you like it...

    User comments:
    "Wow, i pretty much made up my mind that i hated the old hellsing series after the new hellsing OVA's came out (thus i made an amv making fun of how bad the old was compared to the new) but your amy revitalized the old series."

    "I don't like the combination, but it works so this is just a personal preference of me. Great job on the video, and I look forward to seeing more. =) "
    - SenshiMamoru (Joshua Talley)

    "Overall I think this is a great AMV got to give you props on the syncing for sure its definitely a "Waaa Pow!!" "
    - Goku's Soul (Kevin Persaud)

    "Overall. a nice Hellsing amv, although i don't like the anime, i enjoyed this amv, so nice job and keep up! ^^ "
    - Kaxi (Tamas Katona)

    "Very nice video Bauzi. This is going in the files for keeps +. "
    - reddragon_syndicate (Red Dragon )

    "You know, aside from the effects I don't think this vid is all that different from your Eva vid. The editing is similar - the way you keep the pace, I mean, not the specific editing tricks you used. I think I'd know they were both by the same editor even if they didn't have names on them. And that's a good thing. I like your style. ^^"
    - Arigatomina

    "Overall pretty damn good bro. I loved almost every moment of the video especially the beginning I am an effect whore and that video just filled me up :P.
    Good luck with future releases, I'll look forward to them! "
    - ShadowNOS (Brandon )

    "This is a shining example of the kind of videos we need to be seeing more of, and I think you're the person to do it. Excellent work here! "
    - CrackTheSky (Ben Sobotka)

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