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  • Member: Lockstock
  • Title: Echoes of Dawn
  • Premiered: 2006-09-17
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    • Mushroomhead Nowhere to go
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  • Comments: It's funny because I started this video late 2005 and it's probably the longest I've ever taken to finish a project. I'm just lazy...

    Anyway, I had the idea for this video during manifest '05, just after Advent Children was released in Japan. The Mushroomhead song used for this video is definitely a favourite of mine and I was really happy with how well it ended up fitting in to the video (more so then what I had planned for anyway). I was still learning lots of new stuff from people whilst I was making this video so there are some things I probably would have done differently, given what I know now. Doesn't really worry me that much seeing as I'm pretty happy with how it turned out anyway.

    Big thanks to the following people:
    Pwolf - Helping me out with general scripting and video issues over the time I was working on this.
    Nessie - How could I not thank liz? When I first started working on this she motivated me and hounded me to work on it more and more. She's the greatest ^_^
    Prodigi - Without his obsession over my video, I wouldn't have put so much effort into making it better. Plus he made some awesome Mushroomhead AMVs so he gets bonus points for that.
    Zero1 - Helping me out with the mp4 stuff, was a big help with his guide and troubleshooting some minor issues with me.

    Also thanks to all the beta testers who helped me out testing stuff and what not: aesling, Ileia, Reigna, Krat, AtomX, Koop and everyone else I can't remember right now.

    Best Action - AVcon 06
    Manifest Choice - Manifest 06

    Possible Playback Issues:
    The local is an H264 encoded file with a larger resolution the the external link which is just an X-vid encoded AVI. I really suggest getting the local MP4, it's much better quality. If you have trouble playing it then you may want to get CCCP.

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