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  • Member: guy07
  • Studio: Syntax Error Studios
  • Title: Lets Go Smoke Some Pot!
  • Premiered: 2006-09-16
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    • Reel Big Fish Lets Go Smoke Some Pot
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  • Comments: Wow, it's finally done. Amazing. Ok, I was pondering over this video months before I started. I was like "This would make a really original video, I can't fail." I had most of the vid planned out before i even started, yet somehow it took me like 4 months to edit. Mainly because i was too lazy to edit (needed 'inspiration') but when i did edit it took a long time because i put ALOT of effort into this. There's more masking in here then any vid you'll ever see, lol. Every few seconds i had to mask something. Seriously, i put too much effort into it for you to not watch it so click 'local' and endulge in AMV goodness mixed with weed.
    Once again, i decided to use a smaller filesize out of pity for those still stuck with dial up. The audio/ video quality is average, nothing special. I tried tons of new things in this vid and leaned lots while making it. It's kind of a parody of everything, with random action scenes, nudity even a bit of a '1985' spoof in it. I'm not sure if i'll be able to ever enter it into a video conest though, not sure what the age limit for a drug amv is (most contests are PG) so it'll prob only be avalible here, unless it gets bumped from here too. 0_<
    Sidenote: Watch azumaga diaoh stoned, it makes sooo much more sense.

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