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  • Member: Knightmrinarmr
  • Title: AMV - Desert Rose EVA
  • Premiered: 2006-09-15
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    • Sting Desert Rose
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  • Comments: (17th AMV Ive made)
    Title: Desert Rose EVA
    Song: Desert Rose
    Artist: Sting
    Summary: Basically an AMV about the 2 people that loved Shinji (mostly) - His mother and Kaoru... In the beginning I didnt really know what I wanted this AMV to be about so.. Yah. I used WMM2.0 to edit the clips (Since the darn episodes would import into Vegas) then used Vegas to overlap them... Yes not the best work of mine but its not your average EVA blowing everything up video right?

    Note: AMV can be watched here.

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