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  • Member: Kaysow
  • Title: Evangelion Opus (Kaysow Remake)
  • Premiered: 2006-09-15
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  • Songs:
    • Queen Bohemian Rhapsody
    • Queen Bohemian Rhapsody (Live at Wembley '86 Version)
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  • Comments: A remake of ShonenDizzyCow's legendary Evangelion Opus

    Only halway through the editing did I discover the 2002 remake. In many aspects, I felt the original to be superior, and many of the changes redundant, so this is a cross between ShonenDizzyCow's two versions, with a bit of spruced up syncing.
    Speaking of syncing, I think there's some significant improvement here from Engel.

    The whole project had to be restarted after x_rex30 brought AviSynth to my attention. It was too much an improvement in quality to pass it up.

    Made with Adobe Premiere, and with the two original videos as a template from which I pretty much synced everything, frame by frame, to match the original. So if you think I messed it up, we'll have to have a talk.

    Fun facts:

    * There are 196 cuts from the series, 141 from Death and 224 from EoE.
    * Printed version consists of 35% series, 22% Death and 43% EoE.
    * 505 cuts in 370 seconds equals 1,4 cuts every second.
    * All figures excluding the final mindfuck.
    * Noone asked me to do this.
    * Took only a month, but that was some month.
    * HQDN3D looks really great.
    * Uninterlaced footage is fucking gorgeous.
    * Sometimes, Telecide is inevitable.
    * One should not delete files too big for the trashcan while unconcentrated. That's how I lost the raw to Engel last night.
    * The Snake Eater CD-single that I ordered with the Eva DVDs from still haven't arrived.
    * Namedroppings should be in bold.
    * I'm spent.

    If anyone sees me comitting to yet another remake after this, knock me in the side of the head for me will ya.

    Adressing something people brought up in the comments;
    The click late into it when Gendo's glasses cracks, and a lot of other small noises as well, are all part of the original Wembley live recording of the song that was used in the original, as well as here. So everything's in there, some parts are just more audible than others. Maybe my mp3 of this song is a more recent remaster?

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