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  • Member: Snowstorm
  • Title: The Best BOBOBO
  • Premiered: 2006-09-02
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  • Song:
    • Jindou Wild Challenger
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  • Comments: This one is dedicated to my lil bro Johnny. He is the by far the biggest BOBOBO freak there is. LOL. He is the one who inspired me to make this, my first, AMV. I'd like to thank anyone and everyone who has put up any BOBOBO AMV's here, for those who did you will see some of your work here that I used. Sorry if you feel upset and I will accept any flames you might want to send to me. But I would like to think of it as a compliment. You guy's and girls all kick @$$ at making rockin' AMV's.

    This AMV is just plain Crazy!!!!!!!!!!

    The song is called "Wild Challenger" by Jindou

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