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  • Member: Chussel
  • Title: This is not Kyo, Yuki and Tohru's farewell by Within Temptation
  • Premiered: 2006-09-08
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    • Within Temptation Our Farewell
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  • Comments: OK ! I'll tell you. I was chusqi before and I already made this vodeo before but it auto-erased (I don't know why) and I didn't uploaded it when I was chusqi cause I didn't know what FTP was. Now I tried to do a re-make but it was a bit worst than the other one. Now the title is more original. Oh! The firsat time I totally heard this song I thought it could fit into this story. When I made the old video I couldn't stop think about this. I was seeing it everytime. XD So enjoy this! (I make a little sign in videos end as everybody does)

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