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  • Member: staces
  • Studio: ^_^;; Productions
  • Title: Direst Cruelty
  • Premiered: 2006-09-07
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    • Tori Amos Cruel
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  • Comments: This AMV has been over a year in the making, granted there was a large hiatus in the middle of that, but it is officially the longest project that I have ever worked on. Yay, are you all satisfied now?

    I'm sure that all of the cool, more in the know about technology people could have produced the look and effects of this video much more efficiently and quickly than I did, but I am not them. Being me, I edited over 400 frames in Photoshop to give this manga motion, color and some small amounts of actual animation here and there. I worked incredibly hard to do this beautiful manga (by Yuki Kaori) justice and to also create a visual experience from 2D images that did NOT feel like a slide show.

    This manga is violent and is YAOI, there's nothing horifically inappropriate in this AMV, but fair warning is fair warning. =) Please enjoy and feedback is greatly appreciated. Please consider when watching this that this is made from a manga and took oodles of effort. So if you do feel the need to "all 1s" opinion it, please at least score the effort higher. ;)


    Boys Next Door:

    I just realized that some people probably have never heard of this manga or know what it's about. Soooo, the basic stoyline is about a man whose hooker mother abandoned him at a carnival as a child. He returned home a week later to find her half murdered/dead and he finished the job.

    As a grown up he picks up boy hookers and murders them. In the manga he picks one up and falls in love with him and doesn't plan to murder him, but when things go awry he does anyway. The end. =)

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