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  • Member: LuluandAuron
  • Studio: Epical Studios
  • Title: The Lesser of Two Evils
  • Premiered: 2006-09-02
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    • Stone Sour Inside The Cynic
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  • Comments: The Lesser of Two Evils

    I don't think I've ever worked so hard on a video as I did on this one. It's taken me well over a year to do. Not that it's a masterpiece of effects or anything, but it has been my nemiesis.

    The song has an extremely chaotic feel, which is perfect for the main character, but to blend the clips in such a way that they matched the song and told the story at the same time was difficult.

    I feel I would cheat you if I didn't give you a background to the story. The Main Character, Lu Bu (wearing the two anytime you see the two long feathers, whether in armor or out of armor, thats Lu Bu) He has joined Dong Zhou (the big guy sitting on the throne)

    Infact Dong Zhou was so impressed with Lu Bu, that with the help of his adviser convinced Lu Bu to kill his stepfather and join him for the price of a horse and a bag of gold. Granted the horse was the best in the land, but...well, that was the character Lu Bu.

    Now before you read about Diao Chan, I want you to remember that this video is only from Lu Bu's point of view. He has no idea of what this women is really doing. Thus where this video idea was born from. When I read this story, I always wondered what the story would have been like told from Lu Bu's point of view.

    The Woman, Diao Chan. Now you have to understand at this point in time, the best generals in the land can not bring down Dong Zhou and Lu Bu even though they have united under one banner. Dong Zhou has even kidnapped the Emporer of China (the little boy with the beads) So Diao Chans adopted father Wang Yun cooks up a Scheme. On the first night he invites Lu Bu to dinner and has Diao Chan dance knowing full well Lu Bu will want to marry his beautiful adopted daughter. Of course he does and happily accepts Diao Chan to be his future wife. Now the next night, the Wang Yun invites Dong Zhou for dinner. Has Diao Chan dance and offers her to be Dong Zhou's concubine.....the plot thickens. Dong Zhou takes her back to the palace. Well, Lu Bu is not very happy about having his future wife stolen......but not mad enough to do anything about it. This is where Diao Chans' role comes into play. While she is with Dong Zhou, she tells him that Lu Bu is always looking at her and making her uncomfortable. However when shes alone with Lu Bu she crys that she only loves Lu Bu. Once while she was with Lu Bu in the garden she threatened she would throw her self in the pond to drown if she had to spend another minute with Dong Zhou. Then moved to jump into the pool. Lu Bu caught her, and at that moment Dong Zhou walked in to see their loving embrace. He grabbed a halbeard and threw it at Lu Bu...and missed. When Diao Chan was asked what was going on, she informed Dong Zhou that, that horrible Lu Bu had tried to take advantage of her, and she was so disgusted by him that she tried to throw herself into the pool because she would rather drown then be in another mans arms.

    Will the plot work??? How Chaotic was China at that point in time??? As told from Lu Bu's point of View. Enjoy "The Lesser of Two Evils"

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