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  • Member: anneke
  • Studio: Baka Deshi Productions!
  • Title: Too Loud
  • Premiered: 2006-09-01
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  • Song:
    • Freberg, Stan Banana Boat (Day-Oh!)
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  • Comments: I sent this video to AWA and didn't even make the finals with it. So I figured the video was not very good. Then I took Best in show at Mikomicon and Yaoi-con... so it does well with an audience I'm finding. I sent the video to Anime-Expo 2007 where they decided it was uber funny but to much of a 'parody' and not enough of a 'comedy' to be entered/shown in the contest. I was VERY upset about this. As soon as I got home I contacted Fanime, and they gave me permission to enter the video in the Fanime 2008 AMV contest (where I hope it will do well). I want to see this video before a really really large audience. (While the new AX AMV creator wants me to re-enter this video for the 2008 contest, I declined.) Part of the joy of this video is the surprise to it. At Fanime 2008 I won best Comedy Fan choice and judge's choice. So thank you to all those who voted for this video at the various contests. Also thank you to those of you who waited for me to upload this video, and understood my needing to wait to keep the surprise factor of the video.

    History of this video (how this video came about):
    In 2004 I gave a ride to UncleMilo (amv creator and voice actor) to Fanime, and he took over my car's stero system. One song that played was the little beauty I used for this AMV. I told UncleMilo my AMV idea, and suggested he do it, it was his song/music after all, but he didn't want it. I knew it would be really good, and so checked with him several times that he didn't want to do this video. In May of 2006 while in Dallas for work, I visited UncleMilo where he gave me a copy of the song (along with some other songs that are going to be made into AMVs), and thus I made this video. But still want to thank UncleMilo for this piece of music.

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