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  • Member: 8bit_samurai
  • Title: Seiferoth: The Fonzes that could've Conquered the World
  • Premiered: 2006-08-28
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  • Songs:
    • Bad Religion I want to conquer the world
    • Smash Mouth The Fonz
  • Anime:
  • Comments: My first dual song and dual anime amv. it starts off with the fonz by smashmouth, then goes into i want to conquer the world by bad religion. its an ode to seifer and sephiroth, and instead of having their own song, they're used interchangably. the fonz is used to see the heros, being such loners and losers, if they just stayed loners and losers, and at the same time showing seifer and sephiroth as superior at all times. while i want to conquer the world tells what would happen if sephiroth and seifer were to conquer the world. i also wanted to test out the custom effects before i use them on my next upcoming project.

    Disclaimer: there are custom effects (transitions) that are used in this amv. the sources of these amvs are as follows: an . also, they are not readily appliable as shown in this amv, for instance, the two PIPs in the intro an the three PIPs near the end had to be applied seperated at first, saved as an wmv, then reapplied again. i cannot show you how i did it, since i only have wmm, but i will tell you that i had to create five wmv files to create the intro and 14 wmv files for the PIPs near the end. all the custom effects in this amv are transitions. the reverse clip that appears in the center PIP near the end was created with wmm, the 8.36 clip was split into 132 clips at .07 seconds each and put in reverse manually (although i read it couldve been done with virtual dub and avisynth didnt want to download then learn then all that stuff). any other questions could pm me or email me. if you want more information on the custom effects please visit the websites: for verticle/circle/heart/diagnal or any other split and PIP for bloodrip, swirl set or any other i forgot to mention www. .

    if you are still reading here is some more info
    29 saved amv files (not including official amv) including 14 specifically for the ending
    used 2 pics from the nookie project
    although its 2 songs its about 5 minutes 30 seconds (5:26 without title or credits)
    the fonz song isnt played all the way through. although the rest that isnt played isnt all that important (roughly about 30-40 secs not included)
    took about 10 editin hours to complete over two days

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