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  • Member: omegaevolution
  • Studio: ΩOMEGA EditionsΩ
  • Title: Come Out Swinging
  • Premiered: 2006-08-25
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    • The Offspring Come out swinging
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  • Comments: My 8th AMV, pretty simple in the effects parts, still I think I did a good job XP.

    The AMV talks about the road that Ippo (the main character) has to do in his "quest" to know what is it to be strong, to do that he will overcome all the agonies and triumphs of a boxer is life. as it shows only Ippo is story, donīt think that this is a hajime no ippo tribute casue it isnīt XP, well I know that I skiped some very good fights, like the one with Date and the first one with Sendo and the one with Volg, still I tried my best to keep the action live, oh and I donīt think that the slow part is drama, I take it more like a serious part if you ask me.

    For those who donīt know donīt look down this Anime because its a sport anime, is the best sport anime ever made IMO, the fights are the most imprsive thing in this anime, specially the last battle. Well this is my last work as a solo editor (since I have now a Studio), enjoy it and comments and opinions are always apreciated ^^

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