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  • Member: Andika
  • Studio: Bra's produktion
  • Title: Suki nan darou
  • Premiered: 2006-08-26
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  • Song:
    • Changing My Life Myself
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  • Comments: Ohayoo =_____=

    Mooo, I am sleepy Z____z

    WARNING: - shounen-ai amv, if you don't like this kind of things then don't watch this video! I warned you so only blame yourself!
    - spoilers ahead!

    A TeniPuri romance-soap amv, yay I always wanted to make one ^____^
    The song one of my all-time-favourites songs, hehe ^^"" It's a little slow and drowsy but I hope it's working well with the scenes ^^"" Find it out ^___-

    The couples:
    Kikumaru/Oishi a.k.a. Goldenpair *_____*
    Choutarou/Shishido ~ my fav ^///^ ~

    I was so sad cause I love Fujicest too or, ohm I love them more better then Fuji/Tezuka... but yeah, they are kinda canon I guess so I used them ^^"" But my heart is still bleeding T_____T
    One of my friends love Tezuka buchou, so I put him to the AMV only for her /and for the fan-girls ^^"/ So Dodus Taichou please enjoy the show ^^

    You can read the lyrics here:

    Anyway, I hope everyone will like it ^____^
    Enjoy =^_._^=

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