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  • Title: Feeling for the First Time
  • Premiered: 2002-11-26
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    • Barenaked Ladies Falling For the First Time
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  • Comments: This is the remake of my "Can I get a Moment" AMV.

    Due to many "suggestions", flames, "comments" and attempted murder of me, I've redone my "Can I get a Moment" AMV to "Falling for the First Time" by Barenaked Ladies.

    There's more story to this one, and the lyrics fit so much better. I have to say-- If I had known about the song, I would have used it instead of "Hanging by a Moment"!

    It works SO much better! I'm so proud of it! I was really disappointed in how my "Can I Get a Moment" Video turned out, so this makes me really happy! And the best part is--get this-- I finsihed it in 2 hours! TWO. HOURS! That's INSANE! but it worked! ^-^ You can hardly make out that it was made in two hours! Anyway, on to the description.

    We start off with how it all began: The very first episode of Gundam X! Where Garoad hijacks the gundam, and then that guy offers him apparently a lot of money to go get this New Type-- Tifa.(sorry, I'm not good with names, so deal with "That guy")

    So, he goes into the Freiden, and sees Tifa. Then he falls in love with her. It all goes downhill(or uphill?) from there. I try to go in episode order, but it's not that easy. ><

    So, anyway, my goal was to make people laugh. I think I finally accomplished that in this remake of my AMV.

    "Now featuring the classics of guys: The Yawn Stretch. The Naked Woman running into you, and the Burn the Butt on the Gundam technique!"

    *~I really liked this video. A remaster is in progress.~*

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