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  • Member: RyoseiHime
  • Title: Close Your Eyes
  • Premiered: 2006-08-23
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    • Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne Close Your Eyes
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  • Comments: This is just a simple Sailor Moon music video I managed to throw together in a few hours. All the footage save for that from Sailor Stars came from video clips. The only exception is the particular scene where Hotaru takes Chibiusa's heart crystal which came from a music video because the only video clip I could find was so horrible. That video I have had for a very long time. Years. It was made by Griffen Studios and if there is any objection to my ues of this small piece of footage from the owner of the video I will remove the video long enough to replace it with the lesser quality clip.
    Anyways, there's really no particular meaning about this. It was made mostly about Sailor Moon and the two closest to her (Chibiusa and Mamoru) but there's also a little of the other senshi and alot of Galaxia so it's not solely about them. It's just a song I thought fit Sailor Moon pretty good so I decided to do it. ^^;

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