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  • Member: Bahamut God
  • Studio: Masters' of Anime Productions
  • Title: If You Know What I Mean
  • Premiered: 2002-11-26
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    • Merv Griffin I've got a lovely Bunch of Coconuts.
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  • Comments: Well, I have been calling this my intro to Final Cut Pro video. This is the first thing I made using DVD footage (that does not have the same old interlacing problems of the past) and using Final Cut Pro 3. It started as a quick video that I wanted used to get the hang of the basic ins and outs of FCP 3, but I think it turned out a little better than a test video. That's why I'm willing to let other people see it.

    Have you seen the second Ranma movie? Well my friend got it with out knowing what it was. The plot, setting, and concept were all aimed at providing as much fan service as posable, sometimes so blatant that it's funny. (and in a way a shame they did it to Ranma, which I normally hold in higher esteem) So I set off to make a video that makes fun of all the fan-service. The title comes from that dirty little line we have all used at some point. "They were eating cookies, if you know what I mean." That's right, anything can be dirty when you add that little line. "The nuns were teaching the students, if you know what I mean." "I was petting the cat, if you know what I mean."

    Well, those are some lovely coconuts, and I'm sure you will know what I mean by the end of the video. ^_^

    It's that simple, and that stupid, but I think it's at the very least a little fun. I hope you enjoy it. ^_^

    *Fanime 2003 finalist
    *AX 2003 Finalist

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