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  • Member: ZephyrStar
  • Title: Food as Reflection of Soul (Long Artistic Title)
  • Premiered: 2006-08-22
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    • Beatles, The Savoy Truffle
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  • Comments: Well, here we go, first video. I'm no stranger to video editing, but this is my first amv (publically released, that is) some (yeah right) might remember or have a copy of my old Noir video. (I don't even think I have a copy of it.)

    I think it's a pretty decent attempt. I used raws (for shame), which is apparent, and made more apparent by the soft focus/glow that Honey & Clover seems to have all over it. I tried to correct with contrast and saturation. Also, I could not find raws bigger than 640x360 anywhere, so I was forced to go with this resolution. Instead of blowing up the raw to fit a 640x480 frame and really butchering quality, I decided instead to keep the raw dimensions, and just have letterbox stripes on the top and bottom. This looked quite, well...letterboxy. I finally decided to add the paper texture above and below the video, and this turned out pretty good I think.

    Comments, crits, and opinions welcome, and thanks for viewing!

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