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  • Member: angelcry26
  • Title: Crazy
  • Premiered: 2006-08-20
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  • Songs:
    • Britney Spears You drive me crazy(Stop Remix)
    • Shakin' Stevens You drive me crazy
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Yup new shounen-ai vid XD At least an attempt since Ayame and Hatori are not in that kind of relationship I want them to be, but I've gathered as many scenes with two Sohmas as I could and tried to make this as fun and enjoyable as I could.
    I want to thank a person responsible for my inspiration for this AMV, my girlfriend Becca. She's the reason I had an idea for this video to begin with since she's been the best Ayame a writer could find and her devotion to Hatori (a.k.a yours tuly XD ) made me want to make something special for them both. Thus, this AMV came to life.

    Oh...and honestly I didn't plan on using two songs for it...but one night while doing scene by scene editing I just had this crazy idea about making it into a parody since Ayame is a very hyper character and Hatori is the total opposite...Just figured it would be more interesting to try something different.

    I started learning Adobe after effects slowly so the titles in the beginning were made in that program, everything else mostly done in Adobe Premiere and photoshop. I had a great time editing it and I hope you will enjoy it just as much

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