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  • Member: Jnzk
  • Title: Avast-chu!
  • Premiered: 2006-07-01
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    • Klaus Badelt He's a Pirate
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    Best Comedy (Judges' Choice) at Animecon IV

    This is an idea I had had for a long time, I just never found enough inspiration to start working on it. Fortunately con deadlines are excellent motivators. Otakon 2006 submission cutoff date was getting closer and I really wanted to submit something new. A video was needed for Animecon IV as well. So I waded through my ever-growing "possible AMV ideas" text file, found this idea and thought it could be worth doing. (I should clean up that file sometime, it's full of terrible combinations that should never see the light of day.)

    After my last videos I was again a little burnt out on drama, so it was refreshing to work on a more comedic video. The song is probably horribly overused, I didn't even dare to try a database search. I don't really care though, since I think the approach here is quite original.

    I didn't have the CD on hand so I had to edit with a wav converted from mp3 while I was waiting to get it from the library. I've had bad experiences with this method so I was a bit hesitant, but the deadline was looming near. Then after I had finished the video I got the CD, but it was so badly scratched that EAC reported errors for the whole length of the song. Thankfully Amazon UK has quick delivery and the ears of con audience were saved at the last minute.

    Since both Arcadia of My Youth and Galaxy Express 999 are older movies, quite heavy cleaning had to be used. I also fixed about 20-30 frames that had dirt and scratches manually in Paint Shop Pro. I believe the Korean GE999 DVD is a cropped version as I clearly remember seeing the movie in 4:3 at a film festival about two years ago. Arcadia and Excel Saga are both 4:3. Problem. After much pondering I decided to zoom in a bit in GE999 so I didn't have to crop the other two as much. Thus the AMV is in 1.66:1 ratio, a bit taller than standard 16:9.

    Playback: ffdshow & MatroskaSplitter or VLC.

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