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  • Member: silver_moon
  • Studio: Dark Moon Studios
  • Title: She's Just Oblivious
  • Premiered: 2006-08-20
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    • Skye Sweetnam Sharada
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  • Comments: I kind of decided to make this one at the last minute. About halfway through watching the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, I decided the footage would be really fun to work with. And I also decided that the song "Sharada" by Skye Sweetnam suited the main character, Haruhi, really well. When I saw how few videos there were to the anime, I felt like I needed to make an AMV to do this awesome series justice.

    The video only took about a week to make, partly because I barely used any effects, and also because the anime and the song fit together so well. I already knew which scenes I wanted where before I started editing. Maybe also because I've just gotten faster at editing during the past five years. Rest assured, I did take the time to sync the vid the way I thought it should be. :)

    I used a very minimal amount of effects in this video, which is something I haven't done in a long time. Since the show had such nice, fluid animation I wanted to let the movement in the scenes do the work instead of the effects. The one effect that might stand out is mask of Haruhi at the very end of the video. I used AfterEffects to mask out the white background on the scene, and I think it turned out pretty well. I made it so the effects in this video aren't markable in the opinion score, since there's not really enough there to mark on.


    Once upon a time there was a girl
    You wouldn't really call her typical
    Had her own definition of cool
    She lived in her own world
    She had her own style, her own rules
    She played along like it was usual
    Nobody really even knew her name
    Her life was one big game

    She's got her head up in the clouds
    Sharada, Sharada
    Don't know when she'll come down
    Sharada, Sharada
    She can't get to bed
    Sharada, Sharada
    She's got this song stuck in her head

    Dreaming all day
    That's all she did
    Ever since she was a little kid
    All the teachers thought that she was slow
    She was just dreaming about her show
    And when they told her she's delirious
    She didn't care
    She's just oblivious
    She likes to make everyone curious
    One day she's gonna be famous

    Time Spent: About 18 hours in one week
    Programs Used: Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Resolution: 704x396

    Overall, this was a very fun video to make. It's meant to be a fun character profile of Haruhi, and I think it accomplishes its purpose. Enjoy!

    Contest Participation:
    Best Character Profile at AWA Expo 2006

    --UPDATE-- (March 5, 2007)

    I uploaded a new version of this video, it's completely re-exported in DVD quality. I also changed a few scenes and fixed some lip flap. And it's in shiny MP4 format. :) If you're having trouble playing the new file, download VLC Media Player and watch the video in that.

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