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  • Member: DaCoolGohan
  • Studio: BSJ Inc.
  • Title: Get Back
  • Premiered: 2002-11-24
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  • Song:
    • Zebrahead Get Back
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  • Comments: Motivation:
    I got the motivation to make this AMV after I made Generation Z. I had downloaded the Saiyan Saga and wanted to watch it again. So after I watched some of it, mainly my favorite Episodes, and started thinking about making an AMV. Then my friend started talking to me about Zebrahead, and I listened to Get Back. Almost automatically the scenes started flashing into my head. I saw everything and where it would work well. I knew I should definitely get a good clip for the beginning of the AMV, and I felt the Manga like death of Piccolo would work well, and it got me started.

    I really liked the Saiyan Saga and felt that no one ever used this clips, which I believed to be some of the best of the series mainly because this was when people still looked like themselves. There weren't any "Super Saiyajins", no "Super Saiyan Genki-Damas" and "Super Vegeta's Big Bangs of Death". The abilities were as fathomable as they ever would be in DBZ.

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