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  • Member: Deadeye
  • Studio: Deadeye Productions
  • Title: Hallowed
  • Premiered: 2001-05-30
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  • Song:
    • Cradle of Filth Hallowed be thy Name
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is our second vid and a much more ambitious one. It's quite large, but worth it, in my humble opinion. It's a montage of action sequences from Ninja Scroll, and is quite a major spoiler. If you have not seen the movie, do NOT download this music video. Then again, there is no excuse for anyone not to have seen Ninja Scroll, so if you haven't, go out and rent/buy it! Anyway, the video's just shy of six minutes, weighing in at 50 meg and change, so give it some time. The first minute is kinda slow, but after that the action *definately* picks up. It was captured on a WinTV card through an S-Video connection (the footage is of much better quality than our first vid) and was edited using Adobe Premiere 5.5. Please rate the vid, we've had little feedback so far despite the fact that numerous people have downloaded and truly appreciate anything you have to offer that could help us become better creators. Oh, yeah, visit the flippin' web page, while you're at it. Download the RM version as a preview, if you want.

    Thanks a lot,


    PS. Vid contains one f-bomb, one heinder shot and a fair share of ultra-violence. Parental discretion advised, and all that jazz.

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