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  • Member: SQ
  • Title: Can I Get a Moment
  • Premiered: 2002-11-23
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    • Lifehouse Hanging by a Moment
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    Well, after doing this video for a very long time(Getting the video took the longest). I was surprised about the way it came out.

    I used Windows Movie Maker for this one, because I have the Gundam X seires on DVD, and don't have a DVD-Rom.(Oh woe is me) so I took my handy dandy digital camera that takes 20 second long movies without sound(what a plus!) and recorded the tv(boo.)

    However, for my 4th time of recording the TV, remarkably, you can't tell I recorded it off the TV this time!(except for that annoying green line) You can't see the top of my TV, nor a lovely view out the window behind it this time!(That's the reason why I don't have the other AMVs I made with Windows Movie Maker on here.... Because they were in SAD shape.)

    I also used some special effects that's just fading..(I never knew you could do that with WMM)

    ..... Anyway, on to the reason I made it and that lengthy description I'm SURE you're looking forward to!

    The thing is, this is a Garoad Rain and Tifa Adil AMV. (Don't get started, I'm spelling their names how I freaking want to spell their names)

    You know how Garoad wants Tifa really badly but can't seem to show it very well? This AMV makes that a big thing. It goes from scenes where Garoad is "afraid" of Tifa, to scenes where he's not, to scenes where he just can't display his affection for her, to times when he can. Other then that, I'm not going to do a lyric-by-lyric description this time, merely because some of the scenes don't fit with the lyrics(more so with the music, instead) and I'm too lazy to do it.

    Turn ons: I used WMV format.

    Turn offs: Annoying green line in some of the shots, music quality is kind of bad.

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