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  • Member: dark studios
  • Studio: Dark Studios
  • Title: order to oath
  • Premiered: 2002-11-23
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  • Song:
    • Madonna The Power of Goodbye
  • Anime:
  • Comments: ***NOTE*** YOU MUST HAVE THE LATEST DIVX CODEC AND PLAYER ( I believe its 5.0.2 PRO, but be sure to upgrade ) IN ORDER TO PLAY THIS VIDEO

    I chose to use the divX codec because it’s far better than mpeg but the thing that sucks for you the down loader is its 2x as big in file size, but it’s worth it this versions has much better quality.

    ( Aparently this has cuased some confusion among people so I'll clear things up. I'm not implying that divX is better than mpg, in my case divx happend to give me better results than mpg with the same settings. Personally I prefer mpg but the file is large enough so thats why I chose this codec. )


    I have to enter a contest to win one obviously, I’m going to soon and hope it wins, and will post any results as soon as I get them.

    IN-DEPT DESCRIBTION: This was going to be just another video but evolved to be something far greater than that. I call it my emotional masterpiece, because the song and mood is very dramatic, in fact some people have said they’ve cried during the video, ITS TRUE, anyway depending how you react to things you can find this very emotional or not that much, but it still is a drama/romance. The story behind this video is basically a love story, where the 2 main characters Belldandy ( Oh my god I can’t believe I forgot the guys name but you know who I’m talking about ). The video seems to make Belldandy attracted to Celestine and the guy attracted to Morgan. The whole time it seems as though they’re cheating on each other. In the end however the characters realize that the right person to be with is themselves. So the video ends really nicely. I thought I was going to commit suicide trying to get this thing started but I finally did. Some parts took longer than others. The end I was on a roll and everything turned out perfect, so I love the ending. The special effects I think are pretty good, I didn’t want to add to many in just so my video would seem “razzel dazzely” I think I got just the right amount of effects in and there was one more I wanted to add in, which was Belldandy’s hair turning blue but I couldn’t find anywhere to put it, so I left it out. As a general overview I can say this has been a pleasure and I’m really proud of it. I like it and hope you do to.

    P.S. Please leave a review, I would like to hear what you have to think of my vid.


    Source: DVD RIP
    Completion Time: 1 week


    1. White transitions at the beginning
    2. Cross fades
    3. Ripple effect during the middle
    4. Earth turning red
    5. Belldandy appearing during night scene ( yes I did that, the scene starts off with a night time background and Belldandy appears into the scene, like a witch or some kind of magic power, anyway pay attention it’s real cool. I find this the best special effect in the vid and it was the hardest to make.
    6. There may be more but that’s all I can remember


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