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  • Member: Yukitosan
  • Title: Desert Liberators
  • Premiered: 2006-08-12
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    • Hideaki Takatori How to Draw Sunabouzu
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    In light of what's been going on in the Middle East, I have been watching many, MANY Palestinian propaganda videos. Possibly too many for my own good. Much of the crap the Palestinian media is feeding their people is so outrageous, it's downright hilarious. From portraying Jews as slitting children's throats for blood for their Matzah bread to completely staged war scenes, the Palestinian world can be almost as entertaining as AMV Hell CE. Correction: is MUCH more entertaining than CE. Well, coincidently, I recently received a DVD-quality version of Desert Punk's openings and endings (haven't seen the series though). Other than noting the striking contrast of ecchi boob-bouncing to the action and seriousness of other scenes, I realized how much the first ending looked like one of the propaganda videos I had been so accustomed to seeing. As a personal joke among friends, I resubbed the ending in about an hour or two. I then looked a little closer and wanted to throw in a few anti-Israeli symbols. A few hours later, and I had completed what you see here. The saddest part about my video is that it is not so outrageous that it could not be taken seriously by the Palestinians; there is more ridiculous stuff out there.

    PLEASE NOTE THAT I SUBMITED THIS VIDEO AS PARODY AND I AM NOT AT ALL ANTI-SEMITIC. (Might be offensive to those of the Islam faith. I do not personally have anything against Islam as a religion, but I do recognize that it's Islam's traditions and slogans which are being twisted into a corrupt logic which is anything but peaceful.)

    Here's some links to some of the stuff I have been watching as I afore mentioned: (Palestinian Media Watch) (This guy contradicts himself so much, it's ridiculous. Filled with so much hate towards Israelis, Americans, and McDonalds? On top of that, he can't take any commentary on his works.) (In depth investigation which makes you begin to question whether you can believe anything that comes out of Palestine.)

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