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  • Member: Tsunami Jones
  • Studio: Better Tomorrow Productions
  • Title: Tomorrow Might Be Better Than Tomorrow if it's a Better Tomorrow
  • Premiered: 2006-08-12
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  • Songs:
    • Emilie Simon Chanson de Toile
    • Oliver Onions Dune Buggy
    • Peter Gabriel Solsbury Hill
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  • Comments: I frankly don't think there's anything I could say to make this video any better.

    I'll still say several things though. The "buggy" part was edited either late last year or early this year (I can't quite remember) as a very silly experiment in pointless fan pandering. I stopped editing it because I absolutely hated the song. I eventually tried to sucker round up a few other editors into editing the rest of it for me, but I had no motivation for that, either. So sorry, Icycloud, for ruining your chance to edit to "Dune Buggy." I know you were looking forward to it :P

    The rest of it was edited in a few hours spread out over the past week.

    Also, big thanks to Vlad.

    Additional credit goes to Koopiskeva for Euphoria.

    In spite of all sense, this won the Audience Favorite award at Animania Con Ja Nai XIII.

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