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  • Member: SonKitty
  • Studio: Anime Central Network
  • Title: Cover Chii
  • Premiered: 2004-02-04
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    • J Geils Band Centerfold
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  • Comments: Now for a real rambling...

    I actually had this idea many moons ago, but I had been very very busy for quite some time. Plus, I went through a lot to get the footage. In the end, I was able to borrow some DVDs, so yay!

    However, I was not the only one who had the idea, so there's another Chobits - Centerfold video that I was unaware of when I made this one. I swear I checked to see if such one already existed first but maybe I subconsciously missed it because I just wanted to do it so badly I thought what the heck. I started this video in late December, and the other one apparently premiered in November. One thing I will say is that I did not see the other video until after I had mine. Our videos have a different order and some different clips overall, except for onem oerhaps two part(s) that was/were exactly the same. Creepy.

    I luv this video. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted because at first I was including other female characters, but then I decided to stick with Chii and Hideki. Sumomo makes the most appeareances of other characters, which is good because I love Sumomo. Plus, she adds a nice touch with her little dances to the beat in a few parts. I also had loads of fun with Hideki. So many clips, so many facial expressions, it was great.

    I tried following the Guide on this site to all things video and audio, but it made my head spin many a time, and I'm new to this DVD ripping thing, so the vid came out kinda widescreen. It was that or everyone was much skinnier. I couldn't figure out how to fix that.

    Anyway, I'm very proud of it, so I hope others enjoy.

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