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  • Member: keiichi93
  • Title: It's My Life
  • Premiered: 2006-08-04
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  • Song:
    • Bon Jovi It's My Life
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  • Comments: ***First off, after getting some comments about not being able to
    play the video or not hearing any sound, just want to point out that
    the video is encoded using mpeg2 (so you would have to have some
    sort mpeg2 decoder codec installed on your pc in order to see the
    video), and as for the sound, the program you're using to see the video
    has to know how to play back mp3 format as the audio track is encoded
    as an mp3 track (ie. media player, winamp ... for example should work).

    If you are still having issues seeing or hearing the
    video, please email me: and I'll try to
    help however I can.

    Ok, so with that out of the way, a short description of the video:

    This video's debut was at Otakon where
    it competed in Otakon's AMV
    contest under the Drama/Serious category.
    The video centers on the main character, Onizuka,
    from the animé "Great Teacher Onizuka,"
    and basically shows how Onizuka is not like
    any other teacher (or person for that matter).

    The video is more like a profile of Onizuka, and
    although I classified it in the serious category,
    many parts of it are pretty funny.

    Anyhow, this video contains some spoilers so I would
    highly recommend that you see the series before
    seeing the music video. (Also by seeing the animé
    first, I think it will help understand some parts
    of the video better and therefore make the music
    video more enjoyable)

    Got many comments saying that the video was in the wrong
    category ... well the thing was that I had a hard time figuring out
    which category to put it in myself. (ie. I couldn't categorize it as a
    comedy because although the video does have some
    funny parts, in whole, it is not a comedy. (at least i didn't
    think so), then I thought about the upbeat/rhythm category,
    but I didn't think it fit that category either as I didn't
    think the song/video was jumpy enough for that (just a wild
    guess, but I'm supposing many people thought it should have
    been in the upbeat/rhythm category ... ). So the
    remaining category was the serious/dramatic category,
    where one of the subtopics that fall under this category
    was "character study" which in my mind fit this video the
    most ... therefore I went with that. ^_^;

    That's it I guess.

    thanks so much and enjoy the video!!


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