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  • Member: SSJVegita0609
  • Title: Parasite: Griffith and Gats
  • Premiered: 2002-11-20
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    • System of a Down Needles
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  • Comments: Warning: This video contains heavy spoilers from Berserk!

    Well, I finshed Berserk and thought to myself... man... I HATE Griffith. That dirty little ^%*&! So I set off to make this video. You have to listen to the lyrics (I know system of a down is hard to understand at times) to really understand what I'm going for with this. And yes, the chorus is "Pull the Tapeworm out of your @$$, hey!". Hopefully that will allow you to better understand the video.

    I've probably put more effort into this video than any other I've done before, with approx. 20 hours of editing and rendering. I hope Berserk fans enjoy! It's gorey though, and kinda scary for the weak of heart. But if you've seen Berserk then you have nothing to fear.

    NOTE: I AM VERY AWARE OF THE FACT THAT FOR SOME REASON THE QUALITY GOES STRAIGHT TO HELL FROM 2:10 TO 2:32. I TRIED TO FIX THIS AND RE-RENDERED 4 SEPERATE TIMES TO NO AVAIL. If you dont watch that part at full screen it looks fine. In any event, please ignore that fact when writing ops. Thanks.


    Currently being redone at higher quality.

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