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  • Member: Angeteen
  • Title: What a Wonderful World (negative)
  • Premiered: 2006-08-02
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    • Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World
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  • Comments: The second half of a two part video. If this video strikes anyone as too dark, then by all means, check out the first video (What a Wonderful World (Positive) ), which is a *lot* more easy-going than this. The goal of making this video is to set in focus some comparison and contrast. Where as the first video was happy and full of good things, this is the exact opposite of it. I think I did a good enough job of making things line up the right way, but if I didn't, oh well, please review and let me know.

    Also, as for the ending, when taken on a subliminal level, it can easily be seen as a parallele towards baptism. What I mean is that baptism if usually a symbolic effect of washing away the cares/sins of the world, and even though this resulted in the ending character's death, it was in effect a way of removing himself from the evil of the world. A little morbid maybe, but then again, this is Kratos we're talking about, so if you've ever played "God of War," this would make a fitting end, because, yeah, this guy has a *lot* of problems and issues that he needs to deal with. Anyway, watch, enjoy, and review if you have any commentary to make.

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