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  • Member: Funky-kun
  • Studio: Fastass MaaFackaz
  • Title: Love Story
  • Premiered: 2006-08-02
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    • Stoian Mihalev & Viktor Otkakto ti
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  • Comments: Third Place in Drama Category @ Aniventure 2006 AMV Contest
    Best Concept @ Aniventure 2006 AMV Contest
    Third Place in Drama Category @ Steel Editor 07 React

    Some QCs :

    #2007-04-21 11:48:01Really nice video! The song ( thanks for the english lyrics ) fit into the anime perfectly and you edited the video neatly. Good job!
    # 2007-04-16 21:57:19awesome stuff -Rina
    # 2007-03-13 20:36:00A pretty good video - SF Phoenix (Shovah)
    # 2006-11-27 17:54:02an alright vid 4/5 stars - viper1255

    Hi everyone. This is my second AMV , i really hope you like it.It s a love/romance one based on the beautiful anime Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.

    The song is bulgarian and i will include the lyrics here so that all of you who don`t understand Bulgarian see that it is synced to the text :P


    Ever since you

    Ever since you returned the key to me
    I`m chasing you so that i can embrace you
    The clock`s indicating years
    It`s spinning inside me, scratched gramophone record

    I`m not for you
    You`re not for me
    An iceberg split in two

    Ever since you left with thunder
    It`s raining sand, not rain in town
    Ever since you crossed the doorstep
    And a part of me left with you

    I`m not for you
    You`re not for me
    An iceberg split in two

    It`s not war but is it love i`m asking
    If we wounded ourselves that much
    If the tenderness flys away like a dove
    Scared form your hand

    The song is by Stoian Mihalev & Viktor.The version used in the AMV is cut so that it is shorter (removed the second verse, included the short text).

    I didn`t use much effects in the video, just a filter on the "memory" scenes and soft fades betweed the differend scenes.

    If you have any comments you can give them to my mail too -

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