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  • Members: Prodigi, Koopiskeva
  • Title: Echoes of Haven
  • Premiered: 2006-07-30
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    • Vienna Teng My Medea
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  • Comments: Medea - "I am the mother of your children. Whither can I fly, since all Greece hates the barbarian?"
    Jason - "It is not you, who once saved me, but love, and you have had from me more than you gave."
    - Medea, by Euripides

    Prodigi: I still think we should have called it "Witching Hour"
    Koopiskeva: u wood

    Prodigi's notes.

    Title: Echoes of Haven.
    Sub-title: Dedicated to Liz.
    Sub-sub-title: For the constant whinging.

    Definitely my most ambitious video to date. There are far too many beta testers to thank, but I'm gonna attempt to mention you all, so if I forget anyway, too bad.

    Thanks to beta testers [Bold = constant beta tester]: Nessephanie, Koopiskeva, AtomX, AquaSky, aielI_Ileia, Lockstock, Niotex, Warheart, Pwolf, OropherZero.... Uh.... I know there were way more than that, but this video was getting more action than a crack whore when it was in beta, so... :

    Thanks to Koopiskeva, for helping me struggle through this video, and for being seemingly happy with each beta. Thanks, once again, to Liz for nagging me until I continued working on the video. Happy birthday. This video expresses how I feel about you: "I'm gonna kill you."


    Koopiskeva's notes.

    I started this video last year, but stopped working on it to work on a different Vienna Teng video, Waking Hour. I had always wanted to see this finished and I am very thankful that Prodigi took my offer to continue with finishing the video. Apart from the first 49 seconds, Prodigi edited the rest of the video and I am very pleased with the result. Awesome job Prod. :O

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